what NOT to feed your dogs

Here’s an infographic for your guide on the common household food that you shouldn’t be giving your animal bestie despite how cute they look begging for a bite of what you’re eating:




I’m applying to be a When in Manila Intern!

It might have been such a long time since I’ve actually posted something up here, so I hope this would suffice. I finished the first task in order to apply for When in Manila and I hope that with my infographic, WIM deems me fit to be part of their Graphics team!

TASK 1: We want to get to know you!
Introduce yourself and tell us why you’re a good fit for WIM. 🙂

When in Manila.png

They say Arts is subjective but Design, on the other hand, is objective – aiming to solve something. I have always lived through my days in classes that relate to the formalities of the world- as them always mentioning how most things always have a design problem that needs to be solved, but for me that isn’t the case. I believe everything is open to error but learning from it is important. It is a matter of perspective of the creator on how he sees the aestheticism of the design he made. Nevertheless, I could always say that I truly love design for the impact it has to communicate a message to people is different and has another depth of effect to others.

p.s. yes, the image on the laptop on the right is me and the one of the phone is a character turnaround I made for another project, here’s the full image:


And I also made the girl on the left,  I used the girl for my design on another project which you can view over here!~


#WIMtern (i love this pun)

A 15-year old’s poetry pt.5

If you stand at the edge
would you see
what I think about you and me
and not be afraid how deep it would be

One month ’til my first day in college stars, at my age all I do is question everything and everyone, my past and future life choices. What’s going through my mind right now if anything matters at all? If right or wrong makes sense at all and whether or not there is reason to everything happening?

Now listening to Mr. Probz, Nothing Really Matters. How’s life been to you guys? Leave a line below!

By me.

A 15-year old’s poetry pt.3 + Wondering What pt. 2

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 presetMaybe
there is something that each of us hides
a secret piece to a complicated labyrinth
that key with a most complex keyhole to fit into
but also a connection within each dimension
within each particle and atom or molecule
and every single star inside of us
that could possibly bind all this

Wondering what my life is currently?
I’m now listening to Yuna, Rescue.
Since I’ve read John Green’s famous book, Paper Towns about two years ago;
I’m too excited to watch it since it was released in the Philippines today! + fangirling over Cara who suits Margo Roth Spiegelman perfectly~
I’ve also been learning piano these past few days.

How’s life currently guys? 🙂

By me.

A 15-year old’s poetry pt.3

Walk With Me
until maybe we’re just skeletons
strolling through a world
that never really was alive

Those pesky spam emails killed me.

Bonus: when you scroll down to one email you can click “unsubscribe” and shabam no more 1000+ emails (that you don’t really give too much notice about as a teen) gone!

By me.

A 15-year old’s poetry pt.2

you’ve got something to say
don’t let it delay
if there’s something you love
someone out there
don’t put your pride above
oh no please don’t keep it to yourselves
you don’t have to be afraid
show what you crave
you’ve got nothing to lose
but the lost chance you chose
not to propose

Chill afternoon vibes once more.
Now listening to Neon Trees, Everybody Talks.
What’s up, everybody?

By me.