The Fight of the Century

Hello, world! (As mentioned in my unofficial first blog post that wordpress gladly accompanied me to having) So, today’s the day everyone’s waited for in 5 years! And it most definitely got everyone overwhelmed and thrilled, as expected. Filipinos gathering with their families, pay-per-view in each home and, of course, the pride in the air — not to mention “pride rice, pride fish & pride chicken” on the tables. Billions of people gathered around their home televisions and celebrities from around the world paying thousands or none at all when advertising a brand just to watch the boxing match live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’m pretty sure that all your Twitter accounts, as well, was abuzz with incoming new tweets by the second when those who were privileged to watch it earlier were as charged as I am in supporting our pambansang kamao. What happened in my news feed? Go forth to see the highlights of my afternoon. (Warning: messy screenshots)

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These pretty much sums up how I was laughing by myself just reading some of these, mourning after Pacman’s loss, kinda disappointed with the racism and sexism yet still proud nevertheless. Manny is truly an inspiration to all with having such good qualities like sportsmanship and a positive attitude. His prayers before every fight and smiles after every ding was already enough to capture our hearts into believing he deserves to be where he is right now. I’m not quite sure about how I feel about his opponent Floyd Mayweather Jr.  though for he has definitely shown Pacquiao respect as a fighter. His personality really is not easily like-able for example, his cockiness but who am I to care too much. There were admittedly funny comments or so-called in tagalog, asar about PNoy or my favorite the “cuddleweather” statement or the relationship goals mockery of the two. What was not fun to hear was the interviewer of Manny after the battle for greatness, it was indeed rude enough to get people pissed. All the same, It was admirable to see McDo advertisements with slogans mentioned above in the slideshow, also, famous figures supporting our country’s champion. Oh and not to forget, the streets of the Philippines was caught on-camera and are uncommonly empty (for an hour that is). Some other comments I recalled that kinda got me downhearted in some way: “pacquiao didn’t lose today, boxing did” “i made you guys eat your words” – Mayweather “and the winner is… money” “i thought i won the fight” And oh yeah not to mention that: running away from a fight isn’t actually winning. To Mayweather, if this is legit… those boo’s you got as you won were worth it. Bottomline: Manny > Money Credits to owners of Googled photos


2 thoughts on “The Fight of the Century

    • neanicm says:

      Hi Elle! Well I’m more than disappointed that he didn’t win the way boxing should be won. I was hoping for a real fight which included dodging the punch not running away from it haha.


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