CSBLIFE 1: Overwhelmed

Earlier, I enrolled in AB Multimedia Arts at De La Salle – College of St. Benilde.

This school that I’ve only heard of through my freshman days while browsing through Tumblr, I read through notable bloggers and web designers talking about the school they’re currently attending. It sparked my interest immediately as they got the spark of my interest because of the talent they have shown using their personal blogs.

As acclaimed as the people who go and used to go this school, I dream too of being known like them. Notice that, yes, I am indeed part of the last batch who will not be introduced to the K to 12 system and I’m still of two minds if that is to my advantage or disadvantage. Go forth to know what happened with the rest of my afternoon.

Woke up around 6:45am just to leave at 7:15am. On the way, my dad blasted tunes in the UK top 40 and it got us singing as we got to McDo for our breakfast. A hashbrown bite away traffic already accumulated by the distance and luckily, my dad’s favorite app “Waze” gave us a faster way, not to mention the GPS always interrupting each songs just saying to turn left or right.

Passing by the view of the structureof CSB’s very own Hotel and Restaurant I was already impressed. And 10 minutes early as we arrived our destination, we parked behind the main campus and forgot that the registration was actually in the building I will be studying in. Setting foot to the SDA building, just above me a construction that speaks dimensions of art and architecture welcomes me to my humble entrance. The walls lined with inspirational words and elevators lined up in the distance as I waited for my dad as he parked without me – I noticed some of the students with their parents as reticent as I am.

12 floors up and giving out the forms needed, the guards were remarkably helpful all throughout. Payment took time in the college’s amphitheater with glass and stairs surrounding it for there was a sudden shortage of electricity, points for the generator. From the comfort room signage to the enrollment packet and the college’s brochures, I am hands down on how artistic it proved to be. I was satisfied with the personnel who were very helpful indeed but honestly still kind of anxious of the people who I’m going to be with.

Needing to be familiar with the area, my father and I explored crossings and checked buses out knowing which ones I could use as my mode of transportation. I noticed that around benilde there are plenty of establishments and convenience stores to not be too fond with everyday servings of food. Just wanted to share that my tummy was happy to be aware of this haha.

On my schedule, I have noticed that one unit includes CSBLIFE which made me wonder what it’s really all about.”Overwhelmed” is the title for this post for my dad captioned it as he took this stolen picture of me also taking pictures of one of CSB’s art on the wall. I understand now how this actually shows truth to how I feel with the matter of this day and the days ahead.


So, here unfolds the start of the CSBLIFE series here on my blog.


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