Flowers of Japan

“There are always flowers to those who want to see them” — Henri Matisse

When you search around my freshly pressed blog you would learn that I am enraptured with the cycle of life and so I just to feature my favorite photos. Since I will be working on my series of Japan posts very soon, I present to you this segment called (some) “Flowers of Japan” as an opening.

In this photo, I was blessed enough to see Sakura or the popular cherry blossoms that was still kind of blooming even at the late season of Spring we arrived in.
Here, I will be showing some pictures I took of flowers I passed by during my travel in Japan last April 22 ’til 28.

Just beside the Tokyo national museum, this is the only cherry blossom tree the guard directed us to in which we luckily got the chance to appreciate the beauty of.

Around the area, I still caught some pretty flowers.

These were too unique not to take notice of.

These flowers were all around Tokyo, Disnyeland.

and you think of all the things that you’ve seen and you wish you could live in between~ quoted from the movie ‘Into the Woods’ that I chose to watch on the way back home.

11208834_10203789747537154_1710943223_n (1)11186218_10203789732176770_524836643_n
Lastly, two of my favorites are these flowers I saw for the first time.

So that’s that, I hope flowers make you happy as they do to me!

Catch some of these photos posted on my Instagram (@neanicm) account!
All photos taken by my iPhone 4s.


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