Name a Movie: Game 1

Name a movie or movies that you’ve watched over 5 times that you’re still entertained by movieclapper1 I’m making a new section of my blog called the game area.
I stumbled upon this challenge and I thought why don’t I blog about it instead. And if any new challenges alike come up, I’ll be sure to do another!

Squeezing in: Do you ever just stare at word for too long and then feel some way about it? lol the word “movie” amuses me as of the moment… mooovie movieee okay moviiing along…

Without bias, I could recall 3 movies I have always been entertained by even after watching them several times or more than 5 times that is.

1. Tangled After most likely, more than 20 times of it showing on Disney channel, I’ve been tuned to this movie. You could actually tell why I can’t get over it though – I love the animation (and not to mention Animation itself), all the things Rapunzel loves doing alone inside the castle (like painting, baking and of course, wondering), the adventure-filled story with cute animal sidekicks (Random fact: the name of the horse is the same as our bulldogs heh) and yes, Eugene (who actually looks like the guy who voiced him!).

2. Hachiko Way back in 6th grade, I can already remember my crying with the fellow batch mates in my school to the story of this loyal dog. And another time, with my parents in a hotel one summer and being stuck to the heartbreaking story of Hachi. One more time with just my mom in the living room and it still had us in tears. And so on, I just can’t resist not watching a seriously touching film. One of my top recommended movies, especially if you’re an animal lover or maybe even when you aren’t all (spoiler alert: at first, he wasn’t actually wanted). Plus, we just couldn’t miss visiting the statue dedicated to him located in Shibuya which I will soon post! along with my other Japan adventures.

3. The Lion King Classic. I grew up with this! and I can surely tell you that I wouldn’t ever try to miss out on the opportunity to hear the musical numbers (especially the intro I would soon use as my alarm lol kidding.. or not). My favorite character is that crazy monkey, Rafiki and Mufasa, James Earl Joneswhose voice just gives me the goosies and whose character just brings out the best  advices growing up. One of my favorite lines most definitely is “we are all connected”  and also, the famous “hakuna matata” a Swahili phrase meaning

You probably expected Frozen as part of the list but, unfortuantely, I haven’t watched the film more than 5 times. I must tell you though, my baby cousin actually just wants to watch that movie every single day.

So, that’s that and I want to know, how about you guys? Can you name some movies you watched more than 5 times and you still love it? Tell me all about it below!

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4 thoughts on “Name a Movie: Game 1

  1. Joanne Louzado says:

    I think I’d have to say “The Sound Of Music”. I don’t remember how many times I’ve watched it but I think it’s around 4 or 5…. Mulan is another one. The Harry Potter series as well now that I think about it. …

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