Chill Afternoon, Music: Vol. 1

Started the day with my old-favorite sunny-side-up eggs and later on listening to my so-far favorite mix that I made on 8tracks a couple weeks ago: High Hopes (for college), Wander (Japan).

So, here’s a bit of my music taste here in my blog. Check out the mix I made here: 8tracks yeah1 As ironic as the title is to the weather here in the Philippines (which is around 35° Celsius). So, I’m making the most out of my “chill” summer days! juuust beforee college totally sinks in in a few months…

This is just another intro to my upcoming series of wanders in Japan~ + the caption of the mix is my rant about missing out on Wanderland again :–(

Reasons I didn’t get to attend the past arts & music festivals of Wanderland:
1. It just so happens my parents didn’t allow me because I didn’t have transpo.
2. I was allowed but then.. was saving up for something important (aka no money).
3. I had someone to go with but then… Japan trip.

Odds weren’t in my favor + not-to-mention I was a fan of Lewis a year ago because of a friend that showed me his first song that just had a 1000+ views anddd I got addicted.

Anyways, the mix contains some of my favorites last month:
Boston – Augustana Sunset –
Avalanche City Agape – Bear’s Den
Your Kisses – Daughter
Is there somewhere? – Halsey
High Hopes – Kodaline
Bones – Lewis Watson
Rain – Oh Wonder
Too Much Time Together – San Cisco
She’s A Riot – The Jungle Giants
Fast Car – Sam Smith
Work Song – Hozier

When I’m not on 8tracks, I’m most likely listening to other songs on Spotify~

What do you think of the mix? Leave a line below!

Photo credits to tumblr and some of my edits.


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