Japan Adventure: Day One

368 Here it begins! My one-week adventure to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Day one, April 22, Wednesday. Awoken by the dim lighting of my room and the fuss of my parents busily packing, I was sleepily prepared for the 2-hour drive to the airport at 2 in the morning.ye My parents and I after we ate a 4am snack at the expected overpriced center-of-transportation-by-air. Bun because bed-hair.

394 3 hour stop-over at Hong Kong. Their extremely fast wifi was a pleasant bonus. As seen in my chosen featured image, that is the airport’s ceiling design which I found to be actually interesting at 9:30am.

Moving walkways, plenty of charging stations (even between the seats), and huge glass with of course, planes outside flying every minute or so. Here, I have to mention I javen’t had a decent meal in quite a while crappy airplane food is crappy, indeed sorry not sorry for that Cathay Pacific, your touchsceen tvs with free games, movies, shows and songs made up for it, the smiths saved me.

395397 5pm, finally landing at Narita airport (ceiling pic above) in Japan, we joined other tourists in the so-called Friendly limousines (picture of the inside and the back in the right photo). It was particularly quiet, and at every bus stop there was a personnel waiting. They would bow before getting into the bus to sign something and the bowing at before stepping down.

411Nearly 2 hours of the bus trip, we arrived in Shinjuku. At 20° celsius, we got lost on our way to the hotel that we were going to stay in. We stopped by each convenience store we passed only to find out we got even more lost in the process of walking while carrying heavy luggage eff the language barrier. Well i guess that’s the not-so-fun-at-times-especially-if-its-freezing-cold part of learning.

We asked some locals who were advertising their shop outside, and there’s the local (yellow hat) with my dad by the city map. Notice the black and clear umbrellas? Probably 90% of them uses those.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset
With bright neon lights welcoming us from everywhere, Shinjuku definitely uplifted each of our moods. Insta post here!

By 8pm we found ourselves to our destination. Some filipino signs like “IHAWAN” and Manila things or ‘Filipina girls only’ clubs around the area were an unexpected find. Drying ourselves as we arrived exhausted at the hotel, we rested for a few minutes and ate at an overpriced Chinese (too tired and hungry – we didn’t think it through to notice it wasn’t Japanese) shop. All good, tummies satisfied for the huge bowls and friendly service. The weather was definitely an experience, rain + cold wind.. not a good combination especially coming from a long flight. Still a “cool” experience all the same!

All photos taken by my iphone 4s.


2 thoughts on “Japan Adventure: Day One

    • neanicm says:

      Aw thanks, Joanne! I hope you will one day, too.. it’s really surreal being around a foreign area that is much different from yours. About the clear umbrellas, same same haha 🙂

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