Nights with the Fambam

I love those nights where even a short and simple talk could uplift your mood so quick and what better way than with good food!

Nothing special with the service except they’re kind of delicate with the plates bc they serve it one at a time?? didn’t know what was up with that either but I liked that they’re friendly!


Butcher’s Steak with Mashed Potatoes


Arroz Mixto


Crème brûlée

Borgo Cafe
Borgo’s branch at Robsinson’s Las Pinas was easy to spot inside the new mall since there seemed to be a uniformity to the frame of each establishment. Everything was just delectable. My parents and I ordered the good for 4 meals which included these 3 which was pleasing. Although. the first dish was just fit for 1 person but it was tasty. If you’re a lover of pastas, I recommed ” Angels and Demons Pasta” and “Quattro Formaggio Pasta”. And to end the meal with continuous promotion, my tita and mom always asked for a picture each time a new dish was served.

Leaving them with their chilkas slash gossip, my dad and I went to the first floor to check out my like-a-sister’s 2nd branch of Cholate (which I will blog about soon), I ordered my favorite bits & giggles! After all that, we headed to our last stop, the movies!!!

Unnecessary comfort room selfieee.

“It’s perhaps appropriate that the summer movie season kicks off with Avengers: Age of Ultron. It checks all the right boxes: It’s long, loud, larded with effects and sporadically witty, and it sets up events for yet another sequel.” And I couldn’t agree more! I applaud everyone who made the film as great as it is (especially the effects team damn). If you haven’t seen it, two thumbs up from meee. What a great way to end the night!


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