Japan Adventure: Day Two

DSC_6246 Above is a photo my dad took of the Metropolitan Museum, unfortunately, we didn’t get to check out what it has to offer along with the National Museum of Nature and Science. On the plus note, we visited the famous Ueno park and other cities involving the everyday life of the Japanese.

Day two, April 23, Thursday.
Our first breakfast in Japan was at a cute bakery in the subway, everything was piquant! 492 Random fact:  As of 2013, Tokyo’s Metro System is the largest & 7th longest subway in the world! Oh and btw, if ever you go to this subway and get lost (which you most likely will), just visit the nearest information center with this symbol: ⓘ and I should tell you that I have witnessed that most people in Japan are truly very kind and helpful!

5571064Random fact 2: The numbers of riders per year is roughly 3.1 billion per year!

! My mom took a photo of my dad and I after a good two minutes of figuring out which line to take. Off to Ueno station!

5241096 Reaching our first stop, we explored the area and appreciated the beauty of nature. There was only one cherry blossom tree that still was pink! Blessed to have witnessed it at such a late season.

DSC_6262 The local pigeons or in Japanese the hato were of course, searching for food. There’s one peculiar reason why I showed this because I’ve learned something I didn’t expect about how they look at these birds — which I will took about in my future posts.

546545These lovely bunch were peacefully concentrating on drawing this old structure.

1140564 On our way to the next stop, we passed by a Shinto temple and I finally got to try out a vending machine and asked for my ever-since-childhood favorite, Yakult! Random fact 3: If you’re in the city, in my experience, don’t everrr think you have nowhere to get a drink because vending machines are literally everywhere (just like their bikes).

At Tsujiki’s fish market, there were all types of busy people. This certain stall caught our attention with plenty of people lining up and the aroma of the pot just filled the air. I was lucky enough to catch a seat, just in front of the open cooking-washing-paying area all-in-one. The action was unending, different kind of people with their own agendas even Tokyo government people was seen based on the car they used were eating in this area.

After the yummy lunch, we stopped to rest, we sat across this man who was shouting about his product so he would catch the attention of potential buyers. Very effective.

11501148Their fish market is remarkably clean compared to what you expect a regular fish market to be. Lots of spices and authentic Japanese food finds were in every corner (there were huge fish heads and another huge crab that caught my attention).

On the way to our hotel in Shinjuku, a Japan police car passed us and I was lucky enough to capture it from behind.

At night, we passed by this resto that had celebrities’ signatures plastered on its’ glass walls so we checked it out. Turns out, it was Korean. From last time, I recall we mistakenly went inside a Chinese eatery for dinner as well and now Korean! Their California sushi rolls and spicy noodles were great anyways, but be sure to learn or just recognize the Japanese lettering so you won’t make the same mistake as us.

Square photos taken by my iphone 4s. Large photos taken by my dad’s Nikon dslr.


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