Japan Animals

As I said in my previous post here, I’ll be sharing an experience that still tickles my curiosity about an unexpected Japanese trait experience.

551  Read more to know what I found in my weird but true observation about their pigeons + cute pets we found that were up for adoption during the 2nd day of our stay in Japan.


I’ll talk further into the other things we did in my future posts but during the days these happened. Here’s what I’ve noticed:

Observation 1: We fed around 20 or more pigeons that were surrounding our bench as we ate a big loaf of bread in a park. Other locals in the benches next to us put on these faces like what we were doing was uncivilized.
Observation 2: While my folks and I were eating crepes along with other Japanese people on their own tables, beside us, there was this girl and a pigeon nearing her and she was quietly squealing and turned around to not face the begging-for-food creature.
Observation 3: I showed my aunt and uncle along with their children a photo of my dad I took with the pigeon perched on his hand and all of them were dumbfounded in a certain way I couldn’t explain at first.
Observation 4: My Japanese cousin (who was 7 years old) and I were walking along the sidewalk when I pointed out to her the bird saying “hato”, and this old Japanese woman in a business outfit heard me and quickly avoided the spot where I pointed.

Conclusion: They’re either afraid or really grossed out by the thought of these pigeons or as they call it hato. My parents and I didn’t realize until almost the end of the trip.
Too bad I didn’t get to ask my relatives about it because it still kinda bugs my curiosity to: Why would they be afraid of these birds? What peculiar reason could it be for them to act that way?

Anyways, moving on…

I also noticed there’s lotsss of crows recognizable mostly anywhere. Just squawking everywhere you’re going.1396

Now, here are cute pets!

On our second day of Japan, I intentionally didn’t mention that we came across this smallish store with lots of baby animals inside, so I could make a separate post in appreciation of these dainty beasts.1178 1182 1184 1185
Pugs not drugs, people! Haha. Hope these cute, little fellas brighten up your day as they did to mine!

Intro photo by me. Other pigeon & crow photos by my dad. Other animals taken by my iPhone 4s.


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