Japan Adventure: Day Three (Part Two)

DSC_6505 Let’s now head on to continue the next part — As for the intro photo, that’s me exiting the forest that contains the Meiji shrine. Day three, April 24, Friday. (part two) At the end part of the self-tour around the shrine, a soft serve ice cream place was just ahead. 1340 We definitely went for it since that was on top of my mom’s checklist. 1341 This was just too cute to ignore. 11198733_10152709265741086_717491401_ntumblr_no9veqSNIu1qctc70o1_540 I ordered the special sakura flower flavor (which was really original since I didn’t seem to recognize the taste). My mom the green tea & dad the vanilla. DSC_6626 If there’s one thing I obviously noticed is consistent it’s well.. the walking. I only saw about 2 people who had more than the average weight besides the sumo wrestlers. We’ve visited so much cities yet everyone just constantly walks and walks. There was even a day no cars are allowed around the whole area, and that was also around this masterpiece-of-a-building, I think. Harajuku, I bought my Nike shoes here, too! (for more comfortable walking). Haha. Now, to more walking. We walk around 5-10k everday to get to where we need to go Random fact 1: Walking hits a point where it burns about the same calories/mile as running.
137013731395 Shibuya crossing. Such busy people.

DSC_6632 Random fact 2: This the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world where during the so-called rush hour, 2,500 people cross the street at the same time from 10 auto lanes and 5 major crosswalks converge. Just across the Shibuya crossing, and as we came for, we visited the Hachiko shrine! 11185702_10152709263351086_1546282208_n He now resembles my dog who passed away last Wednesday, who despite her battle with ulcer and tumor for 3-4 months, still did her best in her abilities to greet us happily. They are my inspiration.
1402 You can see, I’ve talked about this dog before here. Random fact 3: Hachiko has his own train station entrance. 11178501_10152709263261086_1474668518_n For lunch we tried out their KFC. Sadly, there was no rice or gravy.. we had bread and honey maple syrup instead. We also visited their Uniqlo then went back to our hotel to revive our energy. After a while, our tummies were grumbling so we went off to walk around some more to find a meal to satisfy the hunger. 1427 We ended up in this quiet eating place. At first, we were doubtful since the process in ordering seemed complicated for people who can’t read Japanese. We carefully paid attention to this girl who bought her food through the vending machine in the picture. Sooner or later my dad figured it out and I got myself a ticket! 14211424 After receiving the ticket from the machine, we see vacant seats among two-lined tables. The system went like this, the worker rips off your ticket then you wait for your order in minutes since the machine has already input your order earlier. So, our dinner was processed from the vending machine. It means that when we punched in what we want, they already started cooking and the ticket’s just a validation we have paid. Self-service in the Japan way?  In the end, it turned out to be one of the best meal we had since we came here! And that’s coming from a vendo. Most photos and all edits by me through iPhone 4s. Some are my dad’s dslr shots. 


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