Japan Adventure: Day Five

Time with some loved ones during a traditional lunch and after we go through lots of unfamiliar faces around Tokyo then Ginza and load of famous brands.

Day five, April 26, Sunday.
For breakfast, McDo ughgain hahah. Off we enter into the city once more, walking past people of all sorts and different agendas. One with a book, another with a suitcase someone else advertising something by the side.

We waited for my aunt and her family by a mall and I was seated in this long bench with the elderly. Until the moment I took off my glasses someone from across my seat said “Mari?” in a warm tone and I found them, finally! (Technically, they found me.)

Catching up and more walking to the authentic Japanese place they reserved for us to eat in. When we arrived, we were earlier than expected and we waited for a while but then on stepping to the wooden floor, we had to remove our shoes (socks were allowed, though).

We had to store our footwear into these lockers. Here’s my key!
Also, to experience entering and eating in a legitimate and traditional way of a Japanese eatery is quite cool to me, that’s for sure haha.

While waiting for the food..1684my cousin pretended to be a ninja, such a cutie!


All of them were so fun to be around!!

Meet Anchang, Taki & Tako(?). And Angie or Anchang, still at 7 years old, goes home from school alone. It was actually a normal thing here since both of her parents are busy at work. Guess what? It’s normal! You can trust the people to not kidnap a child as young as them, and that’s too awesome since in my country *cringe* I’m 16 and I’m not even allowed beyond our gate. Here’s my selfie with two of them.

It took around 20-30 mins to get our orders..
This was mine. Too bad, I don’t recall the names of the dishes they ordered for us.

Here’s some of the other food they ate. My cousins were really into fried chicken (who isn’t??)

Here’s all of us! There’s my parents, me and Anchang, tita Aimi, tito Takaomi, Taki & Toko!~

The aftermath.

Meet my senpai! Before we ate, she actually insisted my tita or aunt that she would sit beside me and I was so flattered. We didn’t understand each other at certain (well, plenty) times.. but that didn’t stop us from having fun together. She actually taught me how to be familiar with some letters in the Menu. She was also the one who taught me hato or pigeon and hashi or chopsticks.

We also had to go to the restroom and in the place (sorry, I also didn’t catch the name), we apparently had to wear these slippers to go inside. I think it was optional, I was wearing socks anyways and I just concluded they’re really hygienic. Their toilets are the bomb (soon, I’ll be talking about their techs but for now, it’s added as a future post).

Hard-to-let-go-literally-goodbyes are so sad, really. After skipping hand in hand with Anchang, I didn’t want to let go, I felt like I had a sister for the first time. She even told tita, she’ll miss me very much and she actually didn’t want to say goodbye. 😦

Eventually, we bid farewell and on we were aboard the subway.1658

As I mentioned before,
Never hesitate asking the Japanese! They’re all so kind (..and busy) but nevertheless, the information center will always be there to help you out if you get lost too.

I have no idea why we didn’t visit Harajuku on this Sunday since the main event was happening this day that there was an LGBT parade with gay colors, dancers and all that which I really wanted to see. Instead, my mom was in make-up paradise just across from this Uniqlo..DSC_6840
I guess I was sitting here watching people pass by for an hour and a half and I still wondered why didn’t we see the parade which was just beside the area we were in, I think. *sigh* This is just gonna be a preview to another future post of mine, I’ll soon talk about their clothes and some cool outfit finds we saw at random times which most certainly is everywhere. I love their unconventional style they have on their own.

Before leaving the place in dismay of the though of Harajuku, we instead crossed out one of the items on the checklist…
11180254_10152709252506086_982396200_n11136925_10152709248376086_1505057999_nCrepes! We went to Creperie Marion next to a 7-11 where I bought my Matcha green tea as seen here.

And exotic indeed,

I ordered a chicken curry crepe! Check it here.

No more daylight and we’re surrounded with neon lights everywhere… suddenly, we’re now in brand heaven. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., Harry Winston (all in Ginza) Forever 21, Uniqlo and etc for today one building per brand that had no less than 5 floors!

After brand heaven located in Ginza, we headed to Loft…
which had such nice gift items + this Star Wars area!


For dinner, a simple meal with again, plenty of slurping (for proper manners and telling the food is good), some steam from the open kitchen and more noodles! The owner (?) actually said “salamat” to us as we left.
All photos by my iPhone 4s.


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