Wondering what?

Adding maybe the last but not the least chronicle to my blog, the Wonder. It’s the 2nd day of June and the second day of winter to some. So, wondering what I’ve been up to?

Yesterday, at my Alma Mater, my guy (who’s been courting me for 6 months, technically I don’t care about labels but my parents do) gave me a “my princess” promise ring yesterday. And all that emotional junk I should probably be talking about on my Tumblr instead – which I will, soon. Watched Tomorrowland, which was as they say didn’t have a nice story, but actually, it’s just not that memorable but it touches a sensitive side about the world as I viewed it.

I’m currently missing taking photos of myself, I don’t know why this is so. I think I miss me appreciating how I look like more. And even more so, I miss the city lights. Figures because I’ve been stuck inside my cave of solitude for one-fourth of my vacation.

Now, I’m watching The Bucket List on HBO and hell has it been a good movie! Morgan Freeman! Okay, anyways, he’s now on season 2 of his HIMYM marathon and damn Lily and Marshall I love those two.

Well, today’s the first day of my monthly visits and damn is my eating habits are weird I ate dinner at 4 in the afternoon today, I’ve been craving for ice cream for so long and each morning I boil a soft-boiled egg for five minutes…

All I get nice photos of are God’s painting like the sky during daytime since that’s the farthest I go to take pictures: outside the door.

I’ve already cleared up around 3000+ emails because of the unconscious subscriptions of my past web life. And lastly, I’m enjoying this very chill playlist which descriptions fit the opposite of mine.

How’s your days been like? Leave a line below~


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