Happy Father’s Day!

First of all, I apologize for my long hiatus (16 days to be exact) of non-blogging and I have not compensated for my so-called “soon” posts in my previous logs. Secondly, good morning to you all and a happy father’s day to your Papa, Erpats, Daddy, Itay, Tatay, Dad, Ama, Pop, Papi, Tatang, Amang!

Since my father just absolutely loves cooking and he always serves us his great dishes. My mom and I figured he’d want something that returns the favor!

I was in charge of breakfast and I decided to do an unmeasured mix for my omelette for him.
With cheese, milk, meaty bits, fresh tomatoes & greens!

Next, on stumbling into one of buzzfeed quick 3-ingredient nutella brownie recipe, I decided to try it myself.. which I baked on my own (crossed fingers for good results!)

And my favorite, mango graham float~

There’s practically a few simple things you need to do here to.. but for me, I always add in some of my other favorite for a yummy desert like this (oreos & nutella!!)

p.s. Stay tuned, I’ll update you soon on what happened to my surprises!
For now, hfd

How’d your father’s day mornings go? 🙂
All photos grabbed from Google.


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