Father’s day morning

So, as I said in my last entry.. I will be updating you guys on how the surprises went!

I got flattered by the praises I got from my folks and on this post, I’ll be talking about how my first cooking of an omelette went..

Preparing the ingredients needed, I gathered:
– 3 Eggs
– Milk or water
– Tomatoes
– Bacon
– Cheese
– Butter

  1. Pour the 3 eggs in a bowl and add milk for a fluffier result. Beat the eggs.
  2. Allow the butter to melt and sizzle before pouring in the eggs.

3. Slice up your optional filling for the omelette. I cut tomatoes, cheese and bacon into pieces. (note: I actually have a phobia of knives before so I’m pretty proud of myself.

4. As the egg starts to set, drag with a fork towards the middle of the pan, filling any gaps with the raw egg mix. (I kind of failed since my heat was really high, hope you don’t make the same mistake as me, a first-timer)
5. Before the mix cooks all through out, toss in the bits of your filling.. the cheese melting was just delicious.

6. Serve! It’s not that appealing to look at for the burnt parts (I had an incredibly hard time trying to close a side to the other side haha). Nevertheless, I’m happy with the taste and so are my parents. ~success~

On my next post, I’ll be sharing how I did my another first-time try: Nutella brownies, and my friends and relatives all-time favorite: Mango graham cake!
Photos by me. Featured photo: google.


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