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ℳari Lorica, wandering and wondering about this vast universe since ’98. I am currently residing in Manila, Philippines.
A ♌ Leo, born on the year of the tiger with a fire sign. I’ve been blessed with thick, black hair quite like a Lion’s mane, occasionally wavy (similar to the thoughts I drown in).  In relation, I also try to live by the saying “Lions don’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep”. My fave — colors are mint green, scarlet red and grey; snacks are pistachio ice cream, Hershey’s cookies & cream and McDo’s golden hashbrowns; and flowers are peony, amaryllis and roses. I adore being active – in physical terms, I play badminton, I love running and feeling free – in lazy-trying-to-be-productive mode, I spend my days behind three screens, my phone then following is my laptop and way behind is the television.
I’m an ambiguousambivertaesthete, a collection of paradoxes and hesitatingly an ex-maximalist. I am fascinated with the world of books, the cycle of life and the sound of music. Lastly, I believe to be tolerating oneirataxia for the longest time now. Mind over matter, faith over fear.

the   blog
Joined the blogosphere on Tumblr in year 2010. I am fervorous with pictures, fond of post-processing and a fan of fonts. I find my meditation in expressing adventures, reading other stories from around the globe and knowing that people savvy what I have to say about things. I have a penchant for words and I believe to be misunderstood at times  The meaning behind the blog is my thing again for the cosmos and alike. Neanic means young, in an organisms view we’re all pretty much tiny as anything and big as nothing we allow ourselves to think to be. In which, we roam one world in at least one hundred billion galaxies – pretty much explains why I’m enthralled with this word and the universe. M, is my initial and with that I pronounce my made-up url with a silent ‘c’ or basically, nee ya nism. Redamancy is my top 1 favorite word; it means a love returned in full or the act of loving in return. Neanic Redamancy for all things x Young M it is. Thus, neanicm   a constant contradiction’s chronicles.

So that’s me and hey, I’m always willing to make a new friend, so don’t be reluctant in leaving a line below!

Hope you guys have a great day and thanks for reading~


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